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The A.Mus.Ed team consist of talented musicians who offer one-to-one lessons for instrumental learning at our school. In addition, our school provides you with the opportunity to study any music instrument from the comfort of your home through online lessons or private lessons at your house.

Our main principle is that students get quality education and tutoring on their instruments without chasing the exam mentality. Having said that, should the student wish to take exams, we are more than able to prepare him or her successfully.

Music making should always be an enjoyable procedure - this being the main moto of our school.


Meet The Team

Maria Demosthenous

Founder, Director, Piano & Theory Teacher

Maria is a graduate of the Music Department in Aristotele University of Thessaloniki and she has a diploma in piano performance. She has got her Master Degree on Leadership and Managememt in Education from CIIM. She has attended many workshops, conferences and seminars on Music Education and Piano Teaching. 

She is a certified Kodaly Music Educator in Early Years (0-7 years old) and she is writing the music program offered from AMusEd to families and kindergarten settings. 

With more than 15 years teaching experience in both private and public sector in classrooms, private and group teaching, she offers adults training courses in the field of music Education, in Cyprus and abroad. Further, she has great experience working with children with Special Needs.

In 2018 she has founded A.MUS.ED with the vision of offering quality music education in Cyprus. 

maria amused.webp

Angelos Angelides

Clarinet, Saxophone, & Recorder Teacher

Angelos was born in Nicosia in 1976. He became a member of the Cyprus Youth Orchestra in 1988.

He has studied the clarinet with the leader of Thessaloniki's Symphony Orchestra, Kosma Papadopoulo and also got his bachelor degree in Musicology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Angelos is the first Clarinetist who played as a member of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra (C.S.O)(1992), the first Cypriot professional clarinetist with studies in musicology and holder of Clarinet diploma  (2000), and the only Cypriot in  the wind instruments of the C.S.O (2003).

He has given more than 10 clarinet recitals in Cyprus and Greece and appeared as soloist with the C.S.O in 2014. In addition, he participates in chamber music ensembles at the most important concerts of the island.

He has 20 years experience in teaching the clarinet, saxophone and the recorder with great success.


Ramzi Mikhail

Guitar Teacher (Classical, Electric, Acoustic, Bass)

Ramzi studied Classical guitar with Professor Josef Ichkhanian at the Lebanese National Conservatory in Beirut. In 1982 he came to Cyprus and settled here, taking the diplomas LRSM, LTCL and FTCL in guitar performance. He has been teaching and performing for over 40 years now in all styles in Lebanon, Cyprus and Germany.

In Ramzi’s lessons the students can chose the type of guitar they like, Classical, electric, acoustic or bass guitar. After learning the basics, many different styles are introduced, Classical, Pop, Rock, Blues, Greek and Spanish. Eventually the student can decide what to concentrate on. As soon as the student is ready, songs the student likes from the internet can become part of the lesson. Learning to use Guitar Pro software and tabs is an exciting part of the skills that will be offered. Theoretical knowledge of music is integrated into the lesson whenever of interest.

Ramzi also plays the violin, viola and keyboard and can offer instruction on these instruments and relate them to guitar playing. The students may chose their preferred language for the lessons, Greek or English or even German, French or Arabic.


Angelina Constantinou

Violoncello Teacher

Angelina started music lessons at the age of 7 at Papadakeio Municipal Music School and then she continued her studies at Ionian University with Yianni Touli and Michele Ballarini at the Arrigo Boito Conservatoire of Parma.​

During her studies she attended seminars with great famous cellists like Dan Weinstein, Christina Potter Kyprianides, Eduardo Conalez Lopez, Paolo Zanoni, Krzystof Sperski and others.​

She had worked as a cellist in Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Cyprus, Orchestra of Corfu, Commandaria Orchestra, Palmos String Quartet and other. She has also worked as solo performer in various music styles in Cyprus and abroad. Since 2018 she is a cello teacher at El Sistema Cyprus and at the Music High Schools.

Αγγελίνα Κωνσταντίνου.webp

Georgia Loizou

Piano Teacher

Georgia is a musician and music educator, specialized in the field of piano performance and pedagogy. In 2011, she graduated from the University of East Anglia (UK) with a BA in Music. During her studies she focused on piano performance and performance studies, musicology, music education and community music. In 2016, she graduated from Boston University (USA) with a MMus in Music Education, where her main focuses were multicultural music education, the development of music curricula and the musicological analysis of the music of the USA, particularly the blues, hip hop, and funk.

Since 2012, she has been working as a music teacher in different settings, mainly in the areas of piano education, aural training and theory of music. She has also worked as a volunteer music teacher in the Cypriot government’s shelters for abused women and at Sistema Cyprus, a non-profit organization, where she plays the cello and helps with concerts and piano accompaniments.

Georgia has been working as the project manager and coordinator of the Lullaby Project since 2020.The Lullaby Project brings together parents and professional artists to write and sing together personal lullabies for their children.


Polyxeni Constantinou

Piano & Theory Teacher

Polyxeni began her musical journey at a young age. She earned her diploma from the Hellenic Conservatory of Music and Art with distinction, and furthered her piano studies, achieving ABRSM Grade 8 and a piano diploma from LCME, both with distinction.

Polyxeni continued her academic pursuits with a higher education with a Bachelor of Arts in Music at European University Cyprus where she graduated with distinction. She then continued her studies at Sheffield University, where she obtained a Master's degree in Music Psychology in Education, Performance, and Wellbeing with merit.

Polyxeni has specialized in teaching piano, theory, and harmony, with her passion for music education extending to early childhood. She has previously worked as a music teacher in kindergartens.

Currently, Polyxeni is deeply engaged in both educational and managerial roles. She serves as a project manager at AMusEd, contributing to Erasmus+ projects, while continuing to share her passion for music as a piano and theory instructor.


Marilena Antoniadou

Piano Teacher

Marilena was born in 1998 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

After successfully achieving her Music A level, Piano ABRSM Diploma, and Grade 8 ABRSM in Classical Singing in 2017, she studied Music Performance in Piano and Singing at the University of Surrey, UK, graduating in 2020.

For her Master's degree she studied Music Composition for Media at the Goldsmiths University of London, successfully completing the course in 2021.

She is now specializing in Music Composition and Supervision as she is actively working in the field, composing and arranging music for TV series and clients who want to produce original music, as well as Piano and Theory teaching to both children and adults.

In addition, she has extensive performance experience as she took part in many shows both as a vocalist and as a pianist in Cyprus and abroad and was part of instrumental bands and choir.


Thanos Stavrides

Accordion Teacher (online)

Thanos was born in Thessaloniki and started accordion lessons from a very young age. He was always an active musician and proud to be one of the most recognized musicians as an accordion player both in collaborations with as an accordion player in concerts and in music discography with some of the most famous singers, composers and musicians in Greece and Balkans.  

He has collaborated with Evanthia Rempoutsika, Alkistis Protopsalti, Socrates Malamas, Thanasis Papakostantinou, and many more.

Being an active music performer is not my only passion. The last 13 years I have been teaching at the Music Studies Department, University of Ioannina and I during the years I have given seminars and masterclasses in Greece and abroad. 

Being passionate with Balkan music I am happy to be one of the pioneers in Balkan music in Greece and I have founded the music bands "Vorioi Etairoi" (Βόρειοι Εταίροι), the "Cabaret Balkan" and now the "Drom". 


Thomas Natsis

Flamenco Guitar Teacher (online)

Thomas was born in Greece in 1978.

He studied classical guitar and got a diploma with Distinction. In 1998 he started Flamenco Guitar lessons in Greece and later went to Spain for further studies and had the opportunity to study next to great flamenco performers,  Ninο de Pura, Carlos Heredia, Eduardo Rebollar, Tino Van der Smann, Peter él Ingles, Gerardo Nunez and completed his studies at the avanzado department, of the Fundacion de Flamenco of Christine Herene (August 2002-Seville). Parallel to the flamenco studies he has graduated the Music Department of Aristotele University of Thessaloniki. 

In 2009 he founded Caja Secreta, a dance - music group which derives its themes from the flamenco.  Caja Secreta is an active music group with many concerts in Greece (Athens Concert Hall, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, International Rhode's Festival, Archeaological Museum etc). ​


Irene Pelagia

Violin Teacher

Irene was born in 1994 and lives in Paralimni, Cyprus. She has started her collaboration with A.Mus.Ed as a violin teacher in 2023, although she has prior experience in teaching since 2019 both in Greece and Cyprus. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Greece at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Musicology and Music Education in 2018, and recently started her Master’s degree in Education Sciences: Special and Uniform Education at the European University Cyprus, soon to be completed as well. Parallel to her University studies, she owns a diploma in Violin Performance from the ‘ΩΔΕΙΟ ΑΝΩ ΠΟΛΗΣ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ’ music school and a diploma in Music Harmony completed in 2021. Additionally, she is a holder of 6 certificates from seminars on education and soft skills as she always was very much interested in developing her skills and teaching methods. Apart from her studies, Irene is also experienced in the entertainment field as a performer (violin and vocals) as she is actively performing at several venues in Cyprus for the past couple of years.


Valeria Iorgu

Singing Teacher

Valeria was born in Moldavia and moved to Cyprus at a very young age. She started vocal lessons at the age of 14 and studied at Nicosia’s Music Lyceum (2012-2015) with classical vocals as a main instrument and piano as a second instrument.​

She has recently graduated the European University of Cyprus with Bachelor in Music/Jazz Vocal studies.​

Furthemore, she has participated in many events and concerts with the University’s jazz ensemble, her personal group and the music lyceum choir. She has a big repertoire with different genres of music (opera, rock, Greek rock, jazz).​

Valeria's collaboration with “AMuSed” started in 2019 first as a music educator in early childhood and later also as a vocal teacher and music theory teacher.​

"My teaching is based on the diversity of my students, and I always try to find different and unique ways of teaching so every student has a nice experience and be able to learn and have fun.​

I strongly believe that music is all about having fun and feeling alive and I try to keep my lessons always interactive and fun."


George Andreou

Drums Teacher

George began his musical studies at the age of 15 years old in Cyprus with Marios Nicolaou, the principal Timpanist of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra in the field of orchestral percussion.

Later on, he moved to Athens in pursue of a Drums Performance degree from the lab Music Education school, graduating in 2021.

He has experience as a Drum teacher in Cyprus and several years of experience as a performer at venues and events in Cyprus with his band 'Evikoa Ota.'


Andreas Giannakouras

Trumpet Teacher

Andreas is a graduate of the The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria, holder of a soloist diploma in
trumpet. He has also received a trumpet diploma with professor Panagiotis Caesar from the Filippos Nakas Conservatory. He has been a brass instruments teacher
at music schools of Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos in addition to the Academy Youth Symphony Orchestra. Andreas Giannakouras holds the position of second trumpeter in the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra from 2004 until today. He has collaborated with the Athens Philharmonic Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra
of Graz, the Athens State Orchestra and other smaller ensembles. He's got to take classes with teachers like Bo Nilsson, Hakan Hardenberger, Timofei Dokschitzer, Frits Damrow, James Thompson and others.


Daniel Tangwa

Piano, Bass Guitar, & Drums Teacher

Daniel Tangwa better known as Dannie Bass Music
holds a specialization certificate in Musicianship from 
Berklee School of Music’s online, non-credit 
specialization programme. 
A skilled and versatile multi-instrumentalist, Dannie 
Bass Music has honed his skills in piano, bass guitar and 
drums for several years, playing in several bands. He 
has directed music at several churches in his home 
country Cameroon, and has also served as an integral 
member of the Destiny Changers’ Musical Band where 
he used his many skills to direct and enhance the band’s musical efforts. 
He founded the Dannie Bass Music Institute in Cameroon where he trained several young musicians in multiple musical disciplines for over 6 years, including elementary to advanced piano, bass guitar, drums, as well as basic vocal training. 
His knowledge of Music Theory coupled with his invaluable practical experience gained from more than a decade of practical music experience makes him exactly suitable to teach, direct music at churches and meet the musical needs of various live and studio recording contexts.

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