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"I attended the Drama and Music games for foreign language learning course organized by AmusEd. The organizer herself was very accommodating and adjusted the education since I was the only participant. The focus of the course was on dramatic methodology: improvisation games, verbal-non-verbal playing techniques, singing games, musical and rhythmic activities that can be applied in different contexts in foreign language teaching. I liked that I first got a theoretical background on the ways and methods of learning through music and rhythm, and then concrete instructions and examples of how to apply these methods in the classroom. Since I was the only participant in the course, I participated in all exercises and drama games and thus experienced all the fears, brakes and motivation that students can experience in class. Both educators were extremely professional, enthusiastic and ready to answer all questions. They are great motivators and have inspired me to motivate my students in the same way".

Nikolina Šubić Zeneral 

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