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The SMILE project aims to provide teachers with a practical framework and examples of best practice to assist them in meeting the challenges of inclusion and diversity in education. The main goal of this project is to provide teachers of preprimary/ primary schools new knowledge, key competences and ready to use educational material to effectively use music as a didactic and pedagogical tool for inclusive education. Further, teachers will develop social skills and digital skills by using the repository and the online training. Although, SMILE is proposed for teachers, its real beneficiaries will be students, whose well-being and performance in schools is expected to be improved.

On June 26th-29th 2023, the Training activity for teachers of primary and pre-primary education took place in Nicosia, Cyprus as well as the Transnational meeting of the partners of the project. The Training was organised by A.Mus.Ed. 


Need analysis survey

Reviewing the Law

A transnational survey on teachers' attitudes towards the use of music as a tool for inclusive education and the classification of needs for the material to be developed during the project.

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Digital Repository

PR2: Digital Repository A digital repository of songs, activities, methods and examples that can be used as an educational tool for inclusive education. The repository will also include activities, instructions, lesson plans, and music techniques that will help teachers effectively integrate music into their daily teaching.

Press here to visit the Repository (Greek and English available).

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Teacher's guide

Working From Home

A guide including research on the relevance and importance of music in intercultural learning and inclusive education. It will include information on inclusive education and methods of integrating music into formal and non-formal education. The results of the PR1 needs analysis will be applied and the material from the PR2 Digital repository will be utilized.

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The development of an online education designed as a MOOC, giving the opportunity to more teachers, from Europe and beyond, to be trained on how to use music in classrooms, in terms of inclusive education.

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