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Erasmus+ Courses

Music Class

What we offer

A.Mus.ED (PIC: 906836996 and OID: 10060645) organizes Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses that respond to the needs of pre-primary, primary and secondary school staff and Higher Education Institutions. Our courses contribute to the professional development and skill acquisition of the target groups through the use of active learning processes and integration of arts in learning process. 

Through the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses, we aim to:

  • support the professional development of people who work in education and aim at improving their quality of teaching, training and youth work around Europe

  • enhance educators to improve their quality of teaching 

  • inspire educators to use innovative teaching methodologies based in formal and non-formal education

  • raise the cultural awareness of participants

You can have a look at the courses below and directly register in any of them here.


Music at Kindergarten

Music is a fundamental element in all peoples' lives. Through music, educators can mold children's souls by engaging them to a daily music routine that can bring amazing results in the classroom. This course is designed for educators who teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers and want to engage more music making in their daily routine.

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Music in Primary School 

Music should be a joyful subject that usually ends up to be a nightmare for most teachers since they do not have the knowledge needed to teach this subject. Truth is that with appropriate guidance, teachers with no previous music knowledge can deliver a pleasant a joyful music lesson in primary school. This course is designed for educators who teach music in primary schools and want to improve their teaching skills or for teachers who have no previous music knowledge and they want to be able to offer music lessons at their schools.

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Music for inclusion.png

Music for Inclusion 

Music is a universal language and can be a great tool for all educators who want to apply inclusive education to multicultural classes or towards students with disabilities.
If you are looking for tools that will lead you to an inclusive education then this is the best course for you.

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Art for inclusion.png

Art for Inclusion

"Art is who we are. It facilitates self realization in everyone" - Philippe Benichou
If there is a way to lead children to self realization then this is the step to inclusion.

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Teacher's Wellbeing.png

Teacher's Wellbeing

Being a teacher is one of the most difficult professions that often leads to a burn out. So, it is of vital importance that teachers learn not to take care of themselves, since this is the only way to be more productive.

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Bringing Mindfulness in the classroom

Mindfulness is a way of being into life. A way of being aware of your own feelings, thoughts, and actions and therefore a way to live your life by choice. Being a teacher means you are a person expected to inspire other people to learn and inevitably you are an important figure in your students’ lives. This program is designed for teachers who want to deepen the learning experience for both themselves and their students and transform their classroom into an environment of inspiration, calmness, shared experiences, continual learning and evolvement.

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Nonformal Education

The defining characteristic of non-formal education is that it is an addition, alternative and/or a complement to formal education within the process of the lifelong learning of individuals. In this course we will explore nonformal education approaches that can enhance the lifelong learning of students. 

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Nature's Classroom: Outdoor Learning

This course is crafted to guide participants on a transformative journey from conventional indoor teaching methods to the enriching realms of outdoor education. Educators from pre-primary, primary, and secondary sectors will delve into innovative strategies to integrate nature into their curriculum, fostering learning experiences. Join us as we explore the wonders of outdoor education, igniting a passion for learning that extends far beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.

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AppGrade your Classroom

This course is designed for all the educators in pre-primary, primary and secondary education who want to spice up their teaching with technology. Learn more about apps that can upgrade your teaching environment, the use of AI in education and more! 

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Digital Classroom Dynamics: Empowering Educators with Technology

This course is designed for all the educators in Pre-primary, primary and secondary education who want to move to the step where they will transform their traditional classrooms into digital classrooms. How will the move from printed material to online material, how to make AI their friend learn how to interact in a digital way with their students to catch their interest and engage them in the learning process. 

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Green Horizon: Educator Eco-Training

Join us on a transformative journey towards sustainable education with "Green Horizon." This comprehensive course is tailored for educators across all levels, from pre-primary to secondary education, who are passionate about integrating eco-friendly practices into their teaching. Learn how to incorporate green principles into lesson plans, cultivate environmental awareness in students, and foster a culture of sustainability within your educational community. Embrace the future of education by becoming a steward of our planet with "Green Horizon: Educator Eco-Training."

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Teach with Music and Art

Are you a teacher with no music or art knowledge? You can still integrate music and art in your lesson plans and achieve higher classroom engagement, students' motivation and more interactive teaching. This course is designed for educators who want to find the benefits of music and learn how to engage music on their daily life at school. It is a course that is goes in depth in various subjects and analyzes different ways to approach curriculum subjects through music making and art creations. Music and Art can be a medium to bring better academic results in your classroom. 

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Drama and Music games for foreign language learning

This is an innovative course designed to enhance language acquisition through dynamic and engaging activities. Participants explore the intersection of drama, music, and language learning, discovering how these creative mediums can enrich the language learning experience.

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Inclusive Education & Music Strategies

This course is designed for educators working at inclusive early childhood settings (3-8 years old) with and without prior musical knowledge. It focuses on the notion of disability as a social construct, the continuum of inclusion along with strategies and musical ideas that may enhance the implementation of best inclusive practices in the classroom.  

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Empowering Educators: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills in Students

The capacity for creativity, innovation, and adaptation is essential in the fast-paced world of today. Encouraging kids to be entrepreneurial helps them develop a mindset that can adapt to a changing environment. Let's examine the vital significance of developing entrepreneurial abilities in our next generation of leaders.

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Moments & Feedback


Pictures Gallery

Moments from our courses!

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Here you can find feedback from participants of the above courses.

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