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A.Mus.ED (PIC: 906836996 and OID: 10060645) organizes Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses that respond to the needs of pre-primary, primary and secondary school staff and Higher Education Institutions,  Our courses contribute to the professional development and skill acquisition of the target groups through the use of active learning processes and integration of arts in learning process. 

Through the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility training courses, we aim to:

  • support the professional development of people who work in education  and aim at improving their quality of teaching, training and youth work around Europe,

  • enhance educators to improve their quality of teaching 

  • inspire educators to use innovative teaching methodologies based in formal and non-formal education

  • raise the cultural awareness of participants

Integrating music in the day to day classroom management and curriculum at the kindergarten. 

Music is a fundamental element in all peoples lives. Through music educators can mold children's souls and engaging children in early years on a daily music routine can bring amazing results in classroom. This course is designed for educators who teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers and want to engage more music making in their daily routine.

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Music Education in Primary School 

Music should be a joyful subject that usually ends up to be a nightmare for most teachers since they do not have the knowledge needed to teach this subject. Truth is that with appropriate guidance, teachers with no previous music knowledge can deliver a pleasant a joyful music lesson in primary school. This course is designed for educators who teach music in primary schools and want to improve their teaching skills or for teachers who have No previous music knowledge and they want to be able to offer music lessons to their schools.

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Creating a positive classroom climate through singing and music games

Cooperation, motivation and collaboration are some characteristics that every teacher wants to develop in the classroom. Through this course educators will have the chance to learn some techniques of group music making, rhythmic games, singing games and group body percussion that can easily be applied in classroom as energizers, icebreakers or even tools for learning and will lead to a great Team building in the class. 

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Let's play music - How to create music ensembles in schools 

Teaching a song could be an easy procedure but, setting up a group of children, with various levels of music knowledge, to perform for a music show can sometimes be quite challenging. This course is for educators who want to learn how to transform simple music songs to into great arrangements that students can perform and take the music knowledge to a step further.                

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Singing and Recorder Playing

This course will enable teachers to Know how to use their voice and be able to sing in tune. Voice warm up exercises will be taught as also the playful ways that can help teachers to engage children in singing using the right voice.

Further, a step by step method in how to play the recorded will be applied to teachers which will make them more confident in using the recorder in classroom.  Playful methods that can engage every student to follow their own path in learning and develop their personal skills but, also to work in team with other classmates and reinforce the communication and cooperation skills of the students.  

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Music in education! Ways of integration of music into curriculum subjects. 

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Can you imagine of a classroom that will be actively engaged with music on a daily basis? This course is designed for teachers who want to find out ways that will help them to integrate music into every curriculum subject and help their students to get all the benefits of music integration into their daily routines, 

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Inclusive Education and Music Strategies 

This course is designed for educators working at inclusive early childhood settings (3-8 years old) with and without prior musical knowledge. It focuses on the notion of disability as a social construct, the continuum of inclusion along with strategies and musical ideas that may enhance the implementation of best inclusive practices in the classroom.  

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Create a positive classroom environment through drama techniques.

This course is designed for educators who want to improve their teaching style and process via using non formal teaching methods. The participants will be experienced with drama based games, which focus on building trust among students and teachers. These inclusive techniques enable each student to gain a voice and build self confidence and increase the level of respect for each other.

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