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"Let us take our children seriously! Everything else follows from this...only the best is good enough for a child"


Zoltan Kodaly. 

Following the advice of great music pedagogue Z. Kodaly we have developed a series of music classes specially designed for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. In our classes children join with an adult's accompaniment whose role is active in music making with the child. 

Our classes are offered also in nursery and kindergarten settings. 

Nurseries and Kindergartens

A well developed and planned curriculum for ages 4 months up to 6 years old has been developed from Maria Demosthenous, who specializes in Early Childhood Music Groups and it is offered as an extracurricular activity in nurseries and kindergartens in Cyprus. The AMusEd Early Years curriculum is the only one that can be offered in Greek or English, according to the needs of each organization. The experience of more than 8 years and the continuous training of our teachers makes the program stand out. Our objective is to offer quality music education through fun and play and give the opportunity to children to learn music through experiencing it. 

All our songs and activities have been selected and designed according to the developmental stages of the children following the philosophy of Zoltan Kodaly. 

A.Mus.Ed provide all the equipment needed for the nurseries which is consists of props, instruments and other music equipment. Further, we can adjust our curriculum to the categorized themes of the school. If you would like to book a free demo please contact us for more details at .

Mama and Baby

This is a very relaxing music group for mothers of newborns and 'stay at home mamas' with babies from age 6 weeks up to 8 months. Through this group we enhance parents to sing and make music with their baby. We show a lot of activities that are really easy to use at home and we encourage parents to use them on a daily basis. A big variety of easy songs is given to the parents so they enrich their repertoire. Parents can use music for soothing baby pain, to help them develop routines, to entertain and to help their child to grow happier and healthier. 

Crawlers - Walkers

Babies get excited with singing, moving and instruments playing, This is the class that combines all these activities and introduce them with many props, games and lots of fun. This is a 30 minutes music class specially designed for babies 9 up to 24 months. Together we learn how to make music, we encourage children to explore new sounds and their voice as they gradually develop their listening and language skills. This is an amazing opportunity for children to develop their social skills and also learn group routines. 

Toddlers mania

Following the developmental stages of the children we have created a music class for children 2 - 3 years old in which they can explore music and start developing  a singing repertoire. This is a 40 minutes class where children are accompanied by an adult. Toddlers Mania includes exactly what a toddler need, lots of singing, music playing, moving, dancing, games and fun. Through their participation in this class children develop their listening and coordinating skills while they socialize with their peers. Lots of activities are build to help children to develop them gross and fine motor skills while language development comes easily through their participation in singing. Adults can have a really good quality time with their children and can also be inspired for more music making at home. 

Little monkeys 

Children 3 - 4 years old start becoming more independent and Little Monkeys is the perfect class for them to join. All children are not accompanied by an adult but adults can be in the classroom if it is needed for the adjustment of the children in the classroom environment. In this 45 minutes class children have the opportunity to enhance their singing repertoire and in tune singing. The can take leader role in classroom that will support their self esteem grow. Improvisation and creativity is another element that comes to this group through well designed music games. Adults have a more supportive role in this class which is very important for helping children to develop their self esteem. 

Starter Singers 

Children 4 - 7 years old gain skills of reading and recognizing more complicated music elements. This class is perfect for all these kids who want to start learning a musical instrument. In this class they will have the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the various musical instruments and start playing some basin tuned instruments, such as piano, ukulele, recorder, xylophone, vibraphone and the Boomwhackers. Further, the Bucket drumming is a must in this class!!! Children perform like small orchestras and through this experience they will be ready to follow any musical instrument they want in the future. 


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