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Listings of our school in the Media

Music is Universal

“Music is a worldwide language,” says Maria Demosthenous. “Its biggest strength is its non-verbal communication.”

Founder of Amalgamate Music Education (AMusED), a music school housed in Strovolos, Demosthenous warmly welcomes me. Wearing a pink-flowered sundress, she sits at a large wooden desk in the school’s waiting room. Fittingly, the surfaces around her are scattered with sheet music – pencil marked and dog-eared...

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Music & Positivity

‘Love’ says the sign on a door in the old house in Strovolos that hosts Amalgamate Music Education (AMusEd is the handy acronym); ‘Dream’ urges the sign on another door. The walls are studded with inspirational sayings, like this one from Friedrich Nietzsche: “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Maria Demosthenous might second that emotion – but that’s probably the extent of her agreement with the German philosopher. Nietzsche, after all, was a gloomy type who finally suffered a mental breakdown and spent the last decade of his life certifiably insane (even with music, life turned out to be a mistake). Maria, on the other hand, is relentlessly sunny...

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Music Activity of Asylum Seekers in Cyprus

Kamara, 29, reached the capital of Cyprus five years ago from The Gambia. Like some new migrants to the Mediterranean island, he arrived with nothing.

Initially living with around a dozen people crammed into a tent at a park, he recalled: "It was really difficult. We didn't have food or water," and had to queue to drink from a public fountain.

Cyprus last year had the European Union's highest per capita number of first-time asylum applications, according to EU data...

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Education & AI

As we navigate an era of continuous and rapid changes, with the constant evolvement of new apps and software that use Artificial Intelligence, it is time to reassess and adjust our pedagogical approaches. It’s crucial to rethink the role that schools play in students’ lives. Education stakeholders need to redesign curriculums to keep pace with this rapid change.

Educators and school managers must remain agile and responsive in adjusting to the new realities of the education landscape...

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Breaking barriers with Music

Ibrahim Kamara, a 29-year-old Gambian, arrived on the Mediterranean island five years ago. One morning, he sees a djembe in a store, an African percussion instrument that immediately reminds him of his home country.

“Like me, he came from Brikama”, the second largest city in Gambia, the musician told AFP, who was offered a similar instrument some time later.

Playing the djembe was then "a breath of fresh air" for Ibrahim who, after his arrival on the island, lived with around ten people in a tent in a park in Nicosia, sometimes in stifling heat...

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Why education should start young

When parents get to the point of registering their children in a nursery or kindergarten they usually put as a priority the respect shown towards their child. But is this the only thing parents should be concerned about? Is the kindergarten just a place for children to pass their time while they are away from their parents or is it a fundamental investment in that child’s future? What is special about early childhood education that parents should know and invest in?

Early childhood education covers all of pre-school education and care, referring to babies from a few months old up to the age of six when they attend reception class. The diversity of early childhood education includes:...

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