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Music and Drama techniques for team building.

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Music and Drama techniques for team building.


Rafie Americanou & Maria Demosthenous

About the course

This course is designed for educators who want to improve their teaching style and process via using non formal teaching methods. The participants will be experienced with drama based games, which focus on building trust among students and teachers. These inclusive techniques enable each student to gain a voice and build self confidence and increase the level of respect for each other.  Participants will also have the opportunity to work on their voice projection which will both benefit them and their students. Educators usually have voice problems and this course will help them to learn how to speak in front of audience and use the variety of voice expressions to enhance the emotional communication with it. Having this experience, the participants will be very well equipped with the appropriate games and techniques in order to empower their students to use their right voice.

Drama based learning promotes intercultural learning, builds empathy and break from the stereotypes. This is a perfect course for people working with students from different backgrounds, learning abilities since it promotes inclusive education.

A variety of methods will be implemented in order to give both theoretical and practical support to the teachers. The participants will have the opportunity to participate in lectures, workshops, team activities. 

Dates of courses 2021
25 - 29 January 
15 - 19 March 
24 - 28 May 
26 - 30 July 
25 - 29 October

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