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Do I have to book a hotel, and pay the cost?

No, we will provide accommodation for you during the course, between the start and ending of the course, the accommodation is included in the full course fee (Tuition-Accommadation-Meals-Transportation). Please add days for travelling, and additional accommodation you might need. 


What about meals?

Mainly at the place where the course is held, all meals will be pre-ordered and are included in the accommodation-meal-transportation fee. We can cater for vegetarians or people on special diets. Please let us know in advance.

Will the course of my choice definitely run?

We have until now always had enough participants to run a course, but please contact us as soon as possible. Buy your tickets only after confirmation of agreement between us and your organisation.

When and how do I pay?

We cannot handle payment by cash or card. We will ask your organisation to pay in advance of your arrival via a bank transfer. All payment details will be e-mailed to you once agreement is confirmed.

What is included in the price?

The full price includes: 

  • the full programme (morning, afternoon and also evenings workshops and seminars every day)

  • local transportation costs

  • visits of local schools

  • accommodation Monday to Friday in comfortable bedrooms (4 nights)

  • breakfast, lunch and coffeebreaks every day (on the site and also outdoors)

  • administration

  • certificate of attendance and confirmation to Europass

Which airport should i arrive at-leave from?

Larnaca Internationl Airport

Paphos International Airport

What is the process of registration?

First you need to contact us to our company email ( to express your interest about a specific course/ session. Once the session is confirmed we will send you a "Pre-registration letter". Official registration for the course is confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Will I have any additional costs?

The price includes everything mentioned above.
You arrange on your own traveling from/ to the Larnaca or Paphos International Airports during arrival/ departure. Many participants stay before/after the course in Nicosia or Limassol – you arrange and pay extra nights on your own.

The course is too expensive when I compare it with the other course providers. Can I arrange accommodation on my own?

Our prices are all-inclusive: seminars, evenings, eating outdoor etc. We  offer all the equipment needed for the training as also educational kit for every participant that can be used in their classrooms. Other course providers very often arrange just basic schedule and you are charged for extra programme blocks.

We arrange accommodation and meals for all participants, because the programme is very intensive and the times for meals are flexible according to the programme.


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