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Ramzi Mikhail, Guitar Teacher

Ramzi Mikhail studied Classical guitar with Professor Josef Ichkhanian at the Lebanese National Conservatory in Beirut. In 1982 he came to Cyprus and settled here, taking the diplomas LRSM, LTCL and FTCL in guitar performance. For over 40 years now he has been teaching and performing in all styles in Lebanon, Cyprus and Germany.



In Ramzi’s lessons the students can chose the type of guitar they like, Classical, electric, acoustic or bass guitar. After learning the basics, many different styles are introduced, Classical, Pop, Rock, Blues, Greek and Spanish. Eventually the student can decide what to concentrate on and Jazz is also included. As soon as the student is ready, songs the student likes from the internet can become part of the lesson. Learning to use Guitar Pro software and tabs is an exciting part of the skills that will be offered. Theoretical knowledge of music is integrated into the lesson whenever of interest. Ramzi also plays the violin, viola and keyboard and can offer instruction on these instruments and relate them to guitar playing. The students may chose their preferred language for the lessons, Greek or English or even German, French or Arabic, if they like to improve their language skills.'s easy.

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