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Raffie Americanou - Musical Theatre (acting - vocals)

My name is Rafie Americanou and I have achieved a BA-Hons Drama-University of Essex and a BA-Hons  Language and Education-University of Leeds.


Moreover, I have accomplished a Master of Fine Art in Acting from East15 Acting school in London. My specialisation is in the aesthetics of Drama Pedagogy for English Language Learnering.


The opportunity to teach musical theatre and voice lessons at Amused, gives me the opportunity to place into practice an experiential education that combines music and theatre arts together. 


The main aim behind the lessons is for every child or teenager/ adult to explore and embed in various roles through the history of musicals. These roles can be animals, people, or narrative. The purpose is for the children to feel safe and creative in multimodal methods; singing, reading, acting, kinaesthetically. They will go through different musical theatre journeys to find their voices and help themselves discover their own expressive instruments

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