Registrations for the
Academic Year 2021 - 2022

The registrations are open for all lessons provided. Please read carefully all the information provided below as well as the regulations of the school. When you register you agree to the regulations of the school. 

All group lessons are up to 5 persons. If you register for a group and has no availability we will contact you to inform you about the availability in other groups. 

Early Childhood groups members have to  buy their own instruments following the safety measure for covid19. We will provide you with more info after your registration.

Policy for registration and monthly fees:

This year the registration fee for all the classes is 15 euro per family. Registration fees cover the insurance and the supplies given to the children during the academic year. All fees are calculated yearly and divided in 10 months, including all the bank holidays and Christmas and Easter breaks. The monthly fee is fixed and cannot change and all the fees are payable in the first 7 days of each month. A special discount of 10% on the total fees is given to families who register two or more children in our classes. 

For private lessons, the fees are calculated based on the level of student as well as the duration of the lesson.

Ways for fees payment:

AMusEd music school takes only online payments in the following ways: 

1. Through BillMe app (see below)

2. Quick Pay (Bank of Cyprus app) 

3. Revolut

4. Contact pay (Hellenic Bank app)

5. Bank Transfer (Hellenic on BOC)


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Bill Me App

Our school has started a new collaboration with Bill Me company. Those who register in our school will be sent an email from BillMe app that will lead them to a website to confirm their registration in the app. Through BillMe app, you will be able to check the status of the fees and also be notified when the new fees are due. You can pay your monthly fees in a safe way using your card details. Of course, our school always gives the option of fees payment through QuickPay or Revolut apps. You can still use these apps but we encourage you all to register in BillMe so you can keep track of your fees paid and be notified when the new fees are due. 

We all know how busy our lives are and having an automatic reminder really helps us to remove some extra thoughts from our minds. Through this app you will not need to keep your receipts, or worry if you have paid or not. BillMe can remind you and also can keep the record of all your payments, with no extra cost. 

Policy for absences and remakes of lessons:​

In private lessons:

Classes missed by the student will not be substitute. Transfers of lessons to other days than the first one chosen will not be available. Classes that might be cancelled by the teachers will be replaced during Christmas or Easter break or in July. 

In group sessions:

Classes missed by the students can be substitute in a month's time in other groups and only if there is availability. Classes cancelled by the teacher will be substitute during Christmas or Easter break or in July.​

Our team puts great effort every year to provide a class schedule that meets everyone's needs. As it concerns the group classes, this is the final program and no further changes can be made, since in the school we run many music classes that need a lot of planning. 

The policy about cancellation of classes will run strictly this year since all our teachers plan their lessons in such a way to offer the best quality music education to you and your children. Please have in mind that the effort of rescheduling classes is really energy consuming. We always do our best to provide quality music education to you and keeping a certain schedule and routine among all our teachers is really important for the quality of their classes.  

Holidays for school year 2021 - 2022:

Dates for school year 2021- 2022: 6/9/2021 - 30/6/2022

During the dates given below the music school remains closed during:  

Public holidays: 

October 1st: Cyprus National Day 

October 28th: 'Ohi' day

January 6th: Epiphany day 

March 15th: Clean Monday

March 25th: Greek independence day

April 1st: Cyprus National day

May 1st: Labour Day

June 21st: Whit Monday  

Christmas Break:

December 23rd - January 2nd (included)

Easter Break:

April 21st- April 26th (included)

Please see below the class schedule for early childhood groups  starting in September and register in the class you would like to save a spot. 

Those interested in registering for Instruments or musicianship lessons please contact us through telephone at 70009039 or email at

EY schedule.jpg