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Covid update19

Dear students and parents, 

below you will find an update on the policy of our school based on the new preventive measures and policies announced from the Ministry of Health regarding the covid19. 

Private instrument courses and theory lessons

All our private and theory lessons will continue as normal. For people who might have been in self isolation due to positive covid19 test or contact of them with a positive case will be able to attend their class as it is scheduled through Zoom or Skype meetings. Please inform the school and the teacher will contact you to arrange the online lesson. 

Early childhood Music groups

All our group classes are held as normal but all participants over 13 should have a safe pass to enter in the class. . Since a lot of families would like to continue their lessons we will offer a rescheduled plan for online classes which will start running on Wednesday. Please check the details and fill up the form for your participation if interested. 

Our school had ran online lessons in the previous lockdown. The interaction of the children and their enthusiasm encourages us to continue the lessons online. Since now, all the students now have their personal instruments they can easily attend the lesson from their homes. 

Important notice for the online classes

  1. Parents contribution is really important for the smooth running f the class. Children of your age do not know how to attend a lesson online so a support of the parent/carer during the lesson will be vital. 

  2. Do not force the children to stay in front of the screen and look at the instructor but just encourage them to do the given activity with you

  3. Never force the children to sit in front of the screen and observe all the lesson. They might be just standing in the room and listen to the instructor while doing something else. Since, they will be in their own environment they might have a lot of distractions so, it is very possible not to have the same behavior as they show in the classes. 

  4. We would like to have your microphones muted and we will unmute you, or ask you to unmute when they need to participate in an activity. Children should not know that their microphones are muted. 

  5. Please keep the camera on your child so the instructor can watch them and interact with them as much as possible. 

  6. Classes will run through Zoom meetings and after you show which class you prefer you will be sent an email with all the passwords that will be valid every week. 

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