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Ertem Nalbantoğlu

"It is known that music education has quite a lot of positive mental, emotional and social effects on children. Today, when general education has turned into a meaningless race, a qualified instrument education can be a savior for the child. The time spent with an experienced and well-versed violin teacher will provide many opportunities for the child not only to learn music, but also to explore many values with a master-apprentice relationship, and to overcome new musical and life learning challenges".

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My Story

I was born in Nicosia. I started violin lessons at the age of 7. After graduating from the Music Education Department in 1999 at Gazi University, Ankara as a violin student I continued my postgraduate studies in the Institute of Educational Sciences at the Marmara University. I have completed my PhD in Music Education in November 2007.

I have performed as a violinist at the North Cyprus State Symphony Orchestra, Gazi University Academic Orchestra (Ankara), Kopuz Chamber Orchestra and Konzertmeister at Anatolian Fire Orchestra (İstanbul). Since 2002 I have been performing at ‘Orquesta El Mediterraneo ’ as 1st violinist.  I performed many concerts in both parts of Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, Norway, Sweden with the tango orchestra. In 2005-2007 and 2017, and I also worked as a violin, viola and junior orchestra teacher at The English School, Nicosia. 
From 2009-2013, I worked as a lecturer at the Eastern Mediterranean University, department of Music Teaching. I am currently working as a lecturer in the Ataturk Teacher Training Academy, Nicosia. 

I am currently giving violin lessons at Amused aiming to combine the power of music education for multicultural unity purpose and quality foundations of violin training. 

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